Lana Vallo

Lana is the Heart and Soul of Glow International Make-up School and Glow Make-up Studio.

Lana Vallo portrait_smThe founder of Glow, Lana has over 11 years of experience in the art and business of make-up. Her portfolio contains more than 16 000 works. To date, she has participated in hundreds of events and projects as a makeup artist, touched the hearts of an uncountable number of satisfied customers, and trained more than 1000 new students of her own.

Lana was a creative child drawn to aesthetics and beauty. Her love for the art transformation found its first expressions through experimenting on her family members and close friends. Later, her keen interest in the exciting world of fashion led her to attend courses covering the basics of beauty make-up.

In her pursuit for perfection she did not stop there – she complemented her studies with a yearlong training course in film and theatrical make-up, which is known for its complexity. Experimenting with the boundaries of complete metamorphosis that film- and theatre often rely on led to a realization that her real passion and skill lay in the creation of flawless, beautiful and harmonious faces.

Lana’s expertise ranges from impeccably clean, minimal looks to more extreme and dramatic effects. She loves working on photo shoots for beauty, fashion, and editorial publications, as well as in the exciting backstage chaos of major fashion shows. Her competence has been recognized and highly praised by a number of respected professionals in the industry.



Thomas Woland, Fashion Photographer

“Lana is a very experienced and talented make-up artist with a great knowledge of fashion history and techniques. Therefore, she can work in basically every style and deliver consistent, high-quality results. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating several times with her, and I always appreciated her commitment on the set, as well as her sweet and helpful attitude. I would recommend her to all of my colleagues and video makers.”

Graham Mitchell, Advertising and fashion photographer

“Lana is great to work with: she is dedicated, enthusiastic, professional, reliable, personable, and of course, a very good make-up artist. I can definitely recommend her.”

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