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Kerastase products offer a luxury hair care experience with technologically advanced formulas and ingredient

s. The Kerastase method for clients is to work out a unique treatment plan for each individual’s hair and scalp, working out how to achieve the optimum hair condition. The first and best hair care programme to deeply transform the hair at a structural level, targeting the core and working outward; using bio-regulating care to improve the scalp’s health and appearance.

The Kerastase range of shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatments, is made up of rituals, which are specifically designed to address the needs of different hair types and conditions. With an extensive range of home hair care products you can now take this salon professional brand home with you. The treatments course is made up of three components; Bathe, treat and texturise.

Here at HQHair we want to offer you that chance. For immediate results and to help find the right product for you, tak
Hair Treatment Rangese a look at the different types of hair care we offer:

Nutritive: This shampoo and conditioner duo offer nourishing care for dry and sensitive hair, the first gluco-active enriched hair care programme to boost condition. Hair is restored with softness and left light with bounce and shine.

Resistance: Use Resistance shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatments to strengthen damaged and fine hai

r. A complete collection tostrengthen weak hair from within, making sure the internal structure of the hair is secure and restored. Ideal for fine flyaway hair and chemically treated hair, the Resistance range offers a reconstructing formula reducing the hairs erosion.

Reflection: This range of hair care products is specially designed for coloured hair, to enhance reds, give blondes glow and make brunettes shine. The Reflection collection main purpose is to extend colour and make it last as long as possible; the first light-reflecting hair care regime which protects each strand of hair as well as presenting a mirror like shine.

Specifique: A range of hair care products which specialise in scalp conditions and hair concerns. Whether you are suffering from an oily scalp or you have dandruff prone hair; there is a shampoo for every complaint. Such as the Specifique Bain Clarifi

ant, this targets the scalp by deeply cleansing oil from the hair, regulating excessive sebum, restoring the balance to oily hair.

Biotic: The biotic range rebalances the hair to its natural state, promoting the hairs natural balance and radiance. This range of shampoos and conditioners works well on irritated scalps, whether your hair is oily or dry, the Biotic range works to maximise your hairs natural beauty.

Age premium: A range for more mature hair, rejuvenating hair products for hair that has changed due to age.

Homme: Not to leave the boys out, this range from Kerastase is created specifically for male hair. Catering for a range of hair types and scalp needs, the Homme range has shampoo and conditioner for oily hair, dandruff prone, densifying effect which improves volume and the Kerastase Capital Force styling products.

Soleil: The ultimate sun protection for hair; this range offers protection for hair exposed to sun, salt water and chlorine. With a range of pre protection sprays and creams, plus aftersun hair masks your hair will be protected from morning to night in the el


Chronologiste: The finest hair care treatment from the Keratsase range; with technologically advanced formulas this special hair mask will make the hair feel incredibly soft, supple and nourished.



Elixir Ultime: A range of custom made hair oils to suit your specific hair type needs. Use these hair oils to complement your existing Kerastase hair care routine.


Nutrients: Kerastase have created a hair supplement to ensure your hair is getting all the right nutrients and vitamins. These help to address any hair deficiencies and boost the hairs health.


Cristalliste: Kerastase best kept secret, Cristalliste keeps hair weightless and gives a crystal like shine. The shine promoting shampoo Bain Cristal Cheveux Fins offers a cleansing formula that removes impurities while respecting the hair’s natural balance. Enriched with “Liquid Light” complex, that smoothes the cuticle while not looking greasy or weighed down.


With such a vast range of hair care products there will be a miracle fix for all.


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