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The Lift Concealer naturally hides dark circles and minor complexion alterations. Its tensine-based formula improves the skin tone and smoothes the lines around the eyes.

More than just a concealer! It contains tensine, an active ingredient with skin-firming properties for the eye area, and vitamins A and E, which regenerate the skin. This multipurpose product also conceals specific, darker areas (brown spots, blotches, etc.) and can be used as a highlighter on the more prominent parts of the face (cheekbones, forehead, and chin) for added radiance.

#1 Pink Beige

#2 Dark Beige

#3 Neutral Beige

#4 Golden Beige

#5 Brown

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Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Mallow extract
Enrobed mica
Dermatologist tested

Dab using your finger or a nylon brush for a more precise correction.
To get better results and visibly reduce dark circles, apply the Lift Concealer before and after the foundation.
Dany’s Tip: “If you have wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, apply directly into the crease, then blend with light movements into your foundation.”

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