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The Sculpting Kit is a set of two compact powders suited to reshape and alter the size of the face using a light and shadow contrast. Using the dark shade in hollow areas reduces the size of the face, while the light shade can be applied to prominent features, helping to emphasize them.

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Mineral powders
Kaolin based talc

Use two brushes, one for the lighter shade and one for the darker one.
Use the pale shade on prominent areas and the darker shade on hollow areas.
Blend the colors into one another to even out the result and give a natural finish.
Use the sculpting shades for light and shadow effects (the lighter shade for emphasis and the darker one for hollow areas) to make the face look younger and bring out features, thin out the oval of the face and conceal unflattering areas. On pale skin, use the lighter shade for a matte finish, in the same manner as a standard powder.
Both shades can be used on the eyes for a natural look.
Pro tip: professional make up artists use them to make a face more attractive or transform the performer (change personality or age, show fatigue, etc.).

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