“Only compliments! I got so much courage and inspiration for doing make-up! Great instructors and fellow students!”

“A very practical, educational, creative, encouraging, patient, understanding, inspiring and enjoyable training course. Heartfelt thanks!”

“Very professional teachers, extensive and very useful training course. It is good to see how the pros work and to study at these classes. Thank you and we will meet soon!”

“I learned a lot about make-up. I learned how to design smoky eyes. I could not do that at all earlier and did not even imagine how it could be done. The instructors are very good and are real pros in their discipline. The school has a good location. I got to know what really good cosmetics means. My advice to you – do the same. Thank you!”

“I was very happy. I have always wanted to know how to make a perfect base. I think it is the main point for all make-up. It was also very interesting to learn different techniques for eye make-up and sticking the eyelashes. Thanks!”

“I liked the training course very much. It was well planned, content-rich, all the lessons were interesting. Time simply flew! I am very happy and will attend the next training course also.”

“I am very happy that I came here. I know so much more now. The instructors are super; they helped in every way and gave objective, honest appraisals. The training course gave me the self-confidence to continue with make-up.”

“It is good that it was possible to practice on different people and face types. All the cosmetics were available to be tried and used. I was very happy.”

“As for techniques, I have more knowledge now. I liked that the practical side was largely connected with theory. I have the courage now to apply make-up on others and know what to consider when dealing with different eye shapes and facial features.”

“The make-up training course gave me great instruction. I got a lot of knowledge about techniques and colour theory. The approach of the instructors was super. I would gladly attend the advanced course. I am very satisfied with the course.”

“Very inspiring! Good programme build-up that gives a range of knowledge on how to use different colours and styles when doing make-up. Thank you both, Lana and Ksenia!”

“The professional training course in Lana Vallo’s make-up school was a super experience for me. Pleasant atmosphere, positive fellow students and adorable instructors/teachers. I certainly will tell my friends who are interested in learning more about make-up to take part in the make-up training courses. I got an educational and interesting experience from that training course. I thank the make-up team and fellow students for that. It was fantastic to work with them.”

“I am very happy. An acquaintance of mine finished another make-up school and according to her work I can tell that your level is much better.”

“I think it is super! Only good teachers are able to teach so much in such a short time. My development was huge and thanks to you I regained my self-confidence. I can make others and myself beautiful. I will certainly recommend you to my friends. Thank you!”

“I liked the whole course. It was good to have handouts and DVDs. Good practical part and cosy studio. Thank you for the knowledge. I would like to continue!”

“I learned so much at the make-up training course that I did not know before. I am 200% happy. I feel more self-confident after this course and that gives me courage to continue. I will certainly practise make-up and would like to achieve success. I will certainly recommend this school to my friends.”

“I am very satisfied. It is good to hear professional advice and learn useful tips. It is good to study when top professionals instruct you and they always make complicated techniques understandable.”
“I liked the pro make-up training course very much. Positive atmosphere, friendly group and professional attitude. Well-built theoretical part, lots of practical application. It is always possible to try everything yourself and get appraisal, feedback and good advice. Lana and Ksenia are helpful organisers of the training course and they are real professionals. I would happily take part in the next course.”

“I am very happy with the training course. I was given good advice, hints and effective techniques. Up-to-date studio and a pleasant group. The course was exactly as thorough as required. Thank you!”

“I liked the training course very much. I learned a lot of new and interesting things. Very good experience to start my career as a make-up artist.”

“I got a lot of important information about how and what exactly to do to look more beautiful. Now I know what I was doing wrong earlier and what I did not do at all. I am very grateful for everything and hope to meet soon! Good luck to you in your endeavours!”

“The training course was very interesting and educational. I gained a lot of self-confidence and dare to use different techniques and colours now in doing make-up. Thank you! The teachers are the best!”

“I had been contented with my make-up skills, but I had not learned how to do it. The training course gave me more skills and useful tips that I was not aware of earlier. Thanks to this training course, I have become more interested in make-up. Thank you!”

“It was very nice! The first lesson already gave me a lot of new information. I feel more confident in the field of make-up. There was a lot of practice and even more information. Just perfect!”

“The make-up training course was very professional. Lana and Ksenia were very friendly and multi-talented teachers. Very positive and educative experience. Likeable fellow-students.”

“I was very happy. Cosy environment, nice people, friendly and professional teachers. I certainly feel more confident in the field of make-up now. I liked trying all the techniques on different faces.”

“Very good, nice training course. During the short time I learned a lot and it was good to have the opportunity to practice. The instructors in the training course, Lana and Ksenia, were very positive and professional. They set a good example! Thanks!”

“The training course was very interesting, instructive, thorough and intensive. I learned so much about make-up and I am becoming more and more interested. I have the basic knowledge now and must only practise, practise, practise. The teachers are very helpful and nice. Many thanks to you!”

“I am very happy with the programme. The training course was equipped with very good written material and the explanations and instruction was clear. Very nice environment and positive atmosphere. I have got lots of enthusiasm and courage to offer what I have learned to my clients. Thank you very much! Hope to meet you some day!”

“Very useful and informative training course, perfect instructors! During these days, I learned an unbelievable amount, in theory and in practice. The best part of the training course was the substantial amount of practical work. Many thanks to you!”

“I am very happy with the training course. I only took this course so I could apply my own make-up better, but I got much more knowledge. Continue being as nice as you are!”

“The components of the training course were very practical and logical. I liked that it was possible to practise every make-up style and get immediate feedback. Learning little tips and working methods, changing the instructors and trying the different types of various cosmetic products was very useful. Both of you are very good teachers!”

“Lana is a shining personality. Her positivity and cheerfulness come through in her work. She is a great teacher; calm and supportive. Her talent as a make-up artist is indescribably good. She knows what she is doing and enjoys it. Her methods are perfect and novel. She is certainly one of the top make-up artists in Estonia. I have been her model, student and co-worker and I would give her 10 out of 10. She has been my idol for years. As she is very ambitious, we certainly will hear about her achievements beyond Estonia. I wish you good luck! Many thanks for your perfect teaching.”

“Very happy. I have participated as a model in different make-up training courses and seen different teaching methods but this is the best and the most effective. Many thanks, Lana!”

“I am very happy that it was possible to take part in the training course of such a great teacher. I liked the components of the training course and the fact that Lana gave us so much independence. She gave us direction to move on.”

“It was a breath-taking experience for me. Lana’s sunny personality made the training course very enjoyable. She was always ready to help and answered the questions well. She had an individual approach to everyone and the atmosphere during the training course was friendly and funny. I learned a lot of useful information and formed new friendships. I certainly want to keep in contact with Lana because I can learn so much from her. I would never exchange this experience with anything else.”

“The training course was very nice, likeable and content-rich. I liked the tuition method: the make-up artist used make-up on the models and after that we applied make-up to each other and Lana assisted us. The main focus was on the individual work, not on studying theory. I am much more interested in make-up since the training course and it is a pity the course ended so soon.”

“Very cool training course. I am happy with the learning and practising. Great guidance from the teachers!”

“The whole make-up training course was exciting and educational. The approach of the teachers to their students was very professional but friendly at the same time. I am planning to get more training courses from Lana Vallo.”

“I liked that we could use professional make-up products when practising.”

“Very practical training course. During this course, I learned how to apply make-up to myself and to others. Compared with the first day, the development has been huge. The training course proved that this is the job I would like to do in the future.”

“I am very happy with the training course. I received a lot of appraisal, as happens at every training course. But I am planning to continue with the advanced training course. I really liked the instructors! Many thanks to you!”

“I liked it very much! It is good to learn various techniques. I will be more critical with my make-up now because the ordinary is not good enough any more. Thanks!”

“A very good training course, very educational. Within a relatively short time there was a lot of information and different ways of doing make-up. The instructors did a very good job together and they complemented each other.”

“Cool experience. Before the training course I did not know anything about make-up (except making my eyelashes darker). I know much more now. I need to practice on people in the future and then I plan to come to the advanced training course. Many thanks for this experience!”

“The make-up training course was more interesting than I expected. I liked that there was more practice than theory. Every lesson taught me something new and I could practice it. The teachers were super and their supervision was so clever that everybody could understand what to do. Great experience!”

“Very good teachers, multi-talented and different from each other. It was nice to learn under their direction. I am sure that I will come back to follow this up one day.”

“I liked the training course very much. I gained a lot of new knowledge and new friends. I liked that the instruction was individual and everyone was helped in identifying her own mistakes. Nice and interesting training course.”

“I was very happy with the training course. I learned a lot about daytime, photo and wedding make-up. I could practice a lot, as it was not only pure theory. The practice allowed me to develop faster. I am more confident now in mixing colours.”

“Very cool. You are radiant and positive. The course was practical. I got thorough knowledge about how things are. I would certainly like to learn more about make-up.”

“Very clear and concrete. Now I have more courage to use brighter and darker colours. I hold the brush more steadily now. You are great!”

“I liked it very much. I learned a lot of new and useful information. I know more about make-up products and different techniques. Super! It was good to learn about my mistakes at once, so I could do better next time. A friendly and nice team!”

“Everything was very good and thoroughly prepared and organised, and the conditions were very good. Perfect and understanding attitude. Many thanks!”

“I liked that the training course was very practical. I could use my own imagination. Two very fantastic teachers, although they had different approaches. I am very pleased that I came here.”

“Very good experience. When I came here I understood that my knowledge about make-up was not good at all. In those 8 days , I learned so much more. I liked that practical work was important. Everything was well arranged, no negatives. The atmosphere was positive, friendly and professional. Thank you very much!”

“The make-up training course was super. It was good that the first day started with practical work. Lana is a positive and good teacher. I like that pros find mistakes and tell you what is wrong. It only makes the students better. Good luck to you and I hope we will meet again!”

“Very educational. All the lessons were interesting and captivating. I knew nothing about make-up before but I feel confident now. Thanks!”

“A very thorough, individual approach. Friendly and warm attitude.”

“Every young make-up artist had an exciting and content-rich training course. Good luck for the future!”

“It was very thorough for beginners, I liked it very much. I liked the practical work also. A pleasant experience. Many thanks!”

“Lana was walking about all the time, watching and helping. She was present at the right time. Very helpful. She gave me her own things to use and it meant a lot to me. I learned new tips and techniques and could see how perfect make-up was done. I adore correctly done and classy work. I recommend this training course 100%!”

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