Individual Makeup Course Marbella

Online-lessons + individual practice sessions with Lana Vallo price offer:

Online-course is professional recording of the theoretical part of the lessons where I show various makeup techniques for Beauty and Fashion. This is the best way to acquire the theoretical part of the course without spending too much time in class.

And then I suggest the following plan of the individual practice sessions, where you will be able to master many contemporary makeup techniques under my guidance.

The plan for the practice lessons could be the following:

Level 1. Beauty Makeup
6 practice sessions, ~2.5h each

1. Introduction lesson / colour theory / tools and equipment, setting up the work space / drawing sketches / ingredients in makeup
2. Light perfect base with creamy products, contouring with powders, eyebrows, corrective eye makeup + pencilled in lash line, corrective lip makeup
3. Full cover & long-lasting perfect base with creamy products, contouring with creams and powders, brows, easy eye makeup + 1/2 strip lashes, long-lasting lipsticks
4. Perfect base with mineral powders, contouring with powder, smokey eye makeup with single lashes + eyeliner
5. Smokey eye 2, full strip lashes, bright lips
6. Bridal makeup

Level 2. Fashion Makeup
8 practice sessions, ~2,5h each

1. Makeup for photography, intense smokey eye
2. Colourful smokey eye with additional use of grease paints
3. Old Hollywood glam with strong eye liner and bi-coloured lips
4. Fashion makeup, double eyeliner
5. Graphic eye makeup with aqua paint
6. Cut crease eye makeup with glitter
7. Creative makeup, wet-look
8. Individual work, sketches

Level 1 & 2 full syllabus and descriptions can be found here:

Online course syllabus and description can be found here:

For courses I charge hourly fee of 55€.
According to this plan of 14 lessons (35 hours)
the total cost for the course will be: 1925€.

Online course is already included in the price (value 95€ when purchased separately).

Certificate from Glow International Makeup School will be issued in the end of each level, so you will get 2 certificates, qualifying your new skills.

Important! All the makeup products, tools and course materials for the course will be provided from my side, so you can test various brands and products, and then later on decide, which tools / products to purchase for your own makeup kit. I will also suggest the shops / sources where you can purchase some good quality pro brands with a good discount or some quality tools at a reasonable price ;).

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