Beauty Makeup

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This is the ultimate beauty makeup course, which will help you dive into the world of Beauty makeup. After taking this course you will understand colour theory, essential pro tools and products, you will also master variety of makeups including day, evening, corrective, bridal and makeup for photography.

Get lifetime access to over 40 demo-videos, 25+ hours of video-materials, course-book, as well as monthly webinar sessions with Lana Vallo herself, where she will answer your questions, share important tips and tricks of the trade and give personal recommendations to students on various topics.

There is a possibility to get individual support and answers to your questions from Lana Vallo via built-in messaging system or to book one-on-one hourly practice sessions, which are held over a webinar platform and agreed upon individually with each participant. More info in the course curriculum.

All the materials listed in this course are protected with copyright. It is prohibited to share any part of the materials from this course with third parties.

In the following video you will find important tips and suggestions on how to work with the course materials to get the best results

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