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‘It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve been on a journey in the world of Beauty for over 20 years, initially starting as a makeup artist, gradually expanding my skills to include hair styling and eyebrow corrections. Then one day 15 years ago I was asked to share my knowledge about beauty with a group of women, and that’s how my journey into teaching Beauty began.’

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Fabulous experience ✧

‘I truly enjoy observing how a woman transforms in the makeup application process: her spirits lift, her posture improves, and she becomes happier and more self-confident. Beautiful, stylish makeup can bring a smile to every woman’s face!

Makeup also provides the opportunity to look and feel different. It’s a fascinating journey, and what’s even better is that mastering the most efficient techniques is surprisingly easy.’

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My values ⌘

Quality has always been my utmost priority when it comes to the services I provide, the products I use in my work, and the techniques I teach.

I prioritize overall hygiene and safety of beauty products, as they have a significant impact on both skin health and body well-being. I also make sure that the techniques I teach are efficient, and the products I recommend are multifunctional and clean.

Many people may not even realize how harmful and toxic the majority of common beauty products in stores or in their own bathrooms can be. I have a strong passion for sharing my knowledge about various ingredients and their potential impact on the human body, whether harmful or beneficial.’

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‘My fascination with the beauty world extends beyond makeup. Since 2015, I’ve delved into health topics related to beauty, making significant discoveries and testing their efficiency first on myself.

These insights have led to the development of a comprehensive 7-step program called ‘Beauty from Within.’

Through this program, you can enhance not only the quality of your life but also significantly improve your appearance!’

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Master of consistency

There is no secret or shortcut to success; it’s the daily actions compounded over time that ultimately lead to remarkable results — a truth proven through my own life.

Consistent daily effort is the key to becoming a better version of oneself.

While it might not always be an easy journey, I am confident that the information shared in my webinars and courses will provide you with a clear roadmap to master new skills, adopt new habits, and transform your life for the better.”


What Lana’s clients say

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people, both inside and out.
Here’s what they have to say about me:

Every time Lana does my make up I know for sure I can enjoy compliments for the rest of the day. But even more important – I feel extra beautiful and act more confident because she knows how to emphasize my strengths and hide my imperfections. Besides being a real pro – you can always count on her and her skills –, Lana is a great person. She’s just lovely: makes you smile and time fly. Voila – and you’re ready to go and conquer the world!

Kelly Kipper

Cosmopolitan Estonia Editor-in-Chief

Professionalism, passion, support and encouragement: the best decision I ever made was to attend professional make-up courses at Glow Make-up school. It was such an amazing time spent there: nice and friendly atmosphere, professional cosmetics, and the most important – amazing teachers. Especially was inspired by Lana Vallo who shared with us all make-up secrets, showed all techniques and helped to develop application skills in practice. Moreover, her passion for make-up and beauty inspired me and I always felt her support. I highly recommend this school!

Gintare Veck

Student from Lithuania, based in London

Lana is a wonderful and creative makeup artist, whose artistic approach to beauty has made her one of the most sought-after beauty experts in the country. I have worked with her for 5 years and during this time she has been an amazing edition to our company’s beauty team.

Lana has worked as L´Oréal Paris local makeup artist in Estonia for 10 years and during that time, she has been part of many local photo shoots, fashion shows and has provided excellent client service with great professionalism. She is very conscientious and detail-oriented.

Lana has a positive attitude and works well with all types of personalities. Her entrepreneurship and ability to do what she loves is inspirational, as each project she takes is cared and nurtured to the perfection. I can highly recommend Lana as a professional make-up artist, project leader and as a business partner.

Veronica Puhk

Senior Product Manager L´Oréal Estonia, Make up category

Lana is a very experienced and talented makeup artist, she has a great knowledge of history of fashion and techniques, therefore she can work on basically every style with equal results. I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate several times with her, and I always appreciated her commitment on the set, and her sweet and helpful attitude. I would recommend her to all my colleagues and videomakers.


Fashion Photographer, London

‘Being a visual creator, I truly believe that one look at my works is worth a thousand words’.