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‘You must never underestimate the power of eyebrows

We truly believe our works speak louder than words

Lana Vallo

Glow Makeup founder and lead makeup artist

Originally from Europe, Lana has over 20 years of experience working in the world of Fashion and Beauty. She also has an extensive background participating in wedding events and stage performances as a head of Makeup and Hairstyling. Since 2023, Lana has been based in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida.

‘Quality has always been my top priority when it comes to the services I offer and the products I use during my work. I pay extra attention to the overall hygiene and purity of the ingredients in makeup, skincare, and hair-styling products, as they impact both the skin and overall health.’

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Kelly Kipper

Cosmopolitan Estonia editor-in-chief

Every time Lana does my makeup, I can be sure of enjoying compliments throughout the day. More importantly, I feel exceptionally beautiful and act more confidently because she knows how to highlight my strengths and conceal my imperfections.

In addition to being a true professional with reliable skills, Lana is a wonderful person. She’s delightful, making you smile and time fly. Voila – and you’re ready to go conquer the world!


Lana is based in the Fort Lauderdale, offering Beauty services at the comfort of your home.

Upon request, she can travel to your desired destination in Florida and beyond.

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From casual and effortless looks for private events, to classy and formal styles for business meetings, from sleek and glamorous options for parties and photo shoots to romantic styles perfect for weddings — you can be sure to look great and feel amazing!

Easy corrective makeup, up to 45min — $75
Cocktail makeup, up to 1h — $100
Party makeup, up to 1,5h — $150
Makeup for photo, up to 1,5h — $150
Lashes add-on — $20

We can create a variety of hairstyles to complement your beautiful makeup and complete the look for any important occasion

Easy hairstyle paired with makeup, up to 45min — $50
Party hairstyle, up to 1h — $80
Glamorous hair-style, up to 1,5h — $120

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All listed prices are applicable to the Fort Lauderdale area. For prices in other destinations please check Travel Fees section below

The High Definition brows treatment includes tinting, threading, waxing, styling, and more to give your eyebrows a polished and perfectly groomed appearance

Introductory consultation, up to 15 min — $20
Follow-up treatment, up to 30min — $40
First treatment, up to 45min — $60

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All listed prices are applicable to the Fort Lauderdale area. For prices in other destinations please check Travel Fees section below

is our way of helping women embrace their natural Beauty, create habits that prolong the youthful appearance of their skin, teach them to enhance their looks with simple yet efficient techniques, and, of course, provide answers to all of their most pressing beauty-related questions.

Detailed descriptions of various options for coaching sessions can be found here:



  1. Fabulous‘ introductory session
  2. Be Your Own Makeup Artist‘ session
    $300 for 2 in-person sessions
    $200 for 2 online sessions


  1. Get To Know Your Body‘ session
  2. Become Your Own Beauty Expert‘ session
    $300 for 2 in-person sessions
    $200 for 2 online sessions


is a complete set of 4 one-on-one coaching sessions, which covers all most important aspects of beauty at a special price:
$540 for 4 in-person sessions
$350 for 4 online sessions

From ‘au naturel’ to full glam, we specialize in creating beautiful wedding looks to ensure your ‘day to remember’ is absolutely perfect.

Bridal makeup, ~1,5h — $200
Trial makeup, up to 1,5h — $150
Bridal hairstyle, ~1,5 h — $200
Trial hairstyle, up to 1,5h — $150

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All listed prices are applicable to the Fort Lauderdale area. For prices in other destinations please check Travel Fees section below

All listed service prices are applicable to the Fort Lauderdale area.

A $50 hourly travel fee applies to works outside of Fort Lauderdale, calculated based on the time spent on the road:

Pompano Beach, FL — $45
Boca Raton, FL — $50
Hollywood, FL — $50
Miami, FL — $100
West Palm Beach, FL — $100

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Let us know where you’d like to have your beauty services—home, gym, office, the beach. We can meet you and perform our services anywhere throughout your day.

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How far in advance should I book my service?
It depends on the season; sometimes, you can secure an appointment as soon as tomorrow, while other times I may be booked a month or even a year ahead for certain dates.

What products and brands do you use in your work?
My makeup kit consists of a mix of professional products from various brands. However, I adhere to specific criteria when selecting beauty products: they must be skin-friendly, preferably not tested on animals, and have a safe ingredients list.

I’m concerned that makeup might make me look older… Can you make me look younger?
Makeup is truly magical. While it can conceal imperfections, it’s not the ultimate solution to every beauty concern. Great makeup starts with great skin, and it involves more than just using certain beauty products or makeup techniques. However, rest assured, I have several tips to help you look and feel your best during your important day or event.

I’m a fan of natural foundation, as it’s key to not enhancing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, I incorporate specific anti-aging techniques to create a more youthful appearance. I’m confident that you’ll be delighted to see your reflection in the mirror and receive many compliments after my work is done.

If you have questions or special requests, feel free to contact us by phone +1 (786) 296-4614, WhatsApp or email



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