Beauty Talks with Lana Vallo

An in-depth course, where you will learn ‘Beauty starts from within’ concept, as well as many easy-to-apply practical techniques, which will help you:

– easily evaluate your body condition,
– restore your physical and mental health,
– choose the best health products to support your body work
– easily implement necessary lifestyle adjustments
– heal yourself from various diseases and improve your overall health and looks (skin, hair and nails condition)


Do you have:

☑️ high energy level in the morning after waking up (⚠️without coffee)
☑️ lots of energy during the day, and in the evening (⚠️without alcohol, energy drinks and other chemical substances)
☑️ daily stool
☑️ fit healthy body
☑️ thick strong hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
☑️ clean smooth skin without wrinkles, pimples or pigment spots
☑️ strong nails, smooth nail plate with pronounced lunula

And also:

☑️ control over your emotions and keep calm in every situation
☑️ confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then it seems like you are a healthy person and can safely continue doing everything you do to maintain your well-being!

But there are only few people who can get a 100% result. And if at least one of the points did not match, this course will be definitely useful and necessary!


Lana Vallo has 19+ years of advanced experience in Beauty industry. 7+ years of in-depth study of Biochemistry, Nutrition plus personal experiments with her own health has lead her to putting together a ‘BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN’ program, which has helped Lana herself and many women around her to restore their health, beauty and energy in a short period of time! The results of Lana’s own healing can be seen in the introduction part below. 


Part 1:

– water and cell nutrition,
– importance of movement and oxygen,
– stress relief and relaxation techniques,
– additional help from the Sun and Nature,
– power of Love and hugs,
– how-to implement lifestyle adjustments with ease
– recommendations and techniques for every step of the process

Part 2:

– common reasons of dis-balance in the body,
– evaluate your body condition by the quality of your skin, hair and nails,
– learn to interpret blood test parameters yourself,
– supplementing vital nutrients

Part 3:

– personalised suggestions for effective health solutions,
– highest quality health products

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