Perfect Brows

Learn no. 1 in-demand eyebrow shaping salon treatment, which includes waxing, tinting, threading and so much more, and start creating polished, perfectly styled brows

  • Brow master kit overview, professional hygiene
  • Shaping brows with wax, tweezers, scissors and thread
  • How to restore natural brow shape
  • Symmetry and high definition result
  • Marketing your services and building clients base

The Perfect Brows treatment is tailored to each client. Eyebrows should be as individual as every person is, which is why we are against using brow stencils or a one-size-fits-all shape design. This is reflected across every step of our training.

We will educate you on universal brow proportions and exclusive design formula, will show you step-by-step unique selection of techniques to create perfect brow, ideally suiting each and every client.

However, not all perfect brows can be built in a day. Perfect Brows treatment and techniques will allow you to work with your clients long term to restore natural shape and eventually create their dream brows. You will learn how to build your relationship with clients and grow your clients base to make sure your new service is a success.


Perfect Brows course overview

You will find out: who this course is designed for, what are the requirements for taking the course, the importance of eyebrows and what you will learn from the following lessons

Introductory lesson

This lesson is dedicated to the history of eyebrows from 1920 till today, you will also find out what are the common eyebrow procedures to avoid and why, and will learn the 6 steps of creating perfect brows

Perfect Brows course workbook

Downloadable materials

Perfect Brows step-by-step techniques

Step 1. Preparation

You will learn which professional products are needed to create beautiful brows, and which makeup products and shades are needed to create a perfectly tailored look

Step 2. Consultation

From this lesson you will learn the key to finding out exactly what your clients want and how you can achieve it, questions to discuss with the client, an overview of different eyebrow shapes and tips for working with them, tips for restoring over-plucked eyebrows

Practice assignment 1

Practice brow shape correction and improve your drawing skill

Step 3. Drawing the shape

Universal eyebrows proportions. Drawing a perfect brows sketch is a must when removing hairs with wax, thread or tweezers. It's also handy when helping clients to regrow their eyebrows.

Step 4. Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow colour is just as individual as shape, which is why it's important to learn how to mix a tint colour that’s unique to each client, and apply the mixture professionally for a clean polished result

Step 5. Waxing
Step 5. Threading
Step 6. Touch ups
Work ethics

Perfect brows demos on the models

Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3. Express brows

Final part

Additional practice session with Lana

Learn how to book an individual practice session with me

Next steps. Marketing

Learn what to do next after passing the course, how to build a clients base and how to promote your services


‘Perfect Brows’ Certificate from Glow International Makeup School

Find out the list of conditions for obtaining a certificate from Glow International Make-up School

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