In this video you will find out what’s causing SKIN DRYNESS, PUFFINESS and ROSACEA and the only efficient solution for eliminating them completely!

Detailed video plan:

00:40 — skin dryness explained
01:33 — skin puffiness explained
01:46 — skin rosacea explained
02:40 — beauty industry’s ineffecient solutions for skin dryness, puffiness and rosacea
03:55 — the only efficient solution to skin dryness, puffiness and rosacea
06:30 — when it’s best to drink water
07:45 — why it’s important to drink warm water

Please be advised that all of the information in this video is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Skin hydration

1. The most common issue with our skin, especially during winter time, is SKIN DRYNESS, in some cases skin flakiness. Often people explain winter skin dryness by whatever outside factors, like extreme weather conditions, or heating system compact. But in REALITY, in most cases the reason behind winter skin dryness is simple body DEHYDRATION, caused by reduced water intake.

And if there is not enough water for our body to function well, it will first decrease water supplies from its least functional organs for survival, which happens to be OUR SKIN.

There are 2 other skin problems that are linked to overall body DEHYDRATION:
2. SKIN PUFFINESS and water retention (under the eyes, or anywhere in the body) show us that body is starting to store as much of water as possible for its survival.

3. And SKIN ROSACEA. When there is not enough water coming into body from the outside on a regular basis, it starts retaining water from its inner liquids — lympha and blood for its everyday operations. Our body’s main aim is to survive for as long as possible, thus by getting some water from lympha and blood, it can maintain its essential operations for a little longer. As a result, blood gets thicker. And the only way for our blood system to transport this thickened blood onto the surface of the skin to supply it with oxygen and other needed substances, is to enlarge the capillaries. And that is what we see with rosacia.

So what does our beauty industry offer us when it comes to skin dryness, puffiness and rosacea?

For moisturising purposes we are offered various moisturising creams, for puffiness we are offered patches and we learn how to hide puffiness with makeup, as for rosacea we also learn to hide it, and are offered to protect our sensitive skin with SPF, as if sun is the cause of the problem, or offered various laser treatments.

Let’s be realistic, putting something on top of the skin, or affecting it from the surface, will not solve the main issue causing those skin problems — body’s dehydration. And too often products or treatments offered are either a combination of various skin unfriendly toxic chemicals, none of which can really moisturise the skin! While harsh laser treatments damage the skin from the outside, which is additional stress to the skin, and haven’t really proven their efficiency…

Hydration from within is the only solution here!

And if you experience any of these skin conditions from time to time, or on a regular basis, you need to START DRINKING MORE WATER, PREFERABLY WARM!

If you haven’t been drinking enough water and your body is dehydrated, it gets so stressed, that it actually stops sending you signals of thirst. So the other symptom that could often be showing you that your body is dehydrated, is that you never feel thirsty, and you have extremely dry lips.


The amount of water is different for everyone, and can be easily calculated by your weight and overall level of activity. That is logical, right? The more your weigh, the more water your body needs, the more active your lifestyle is, the more water you need as well.

Most recent scientific studies show that minimal amount of water needed for human body to function properly is 30ml per kilo of your body weight, if you don’t have much physical activity during the day.

If you lead a more active lifestyle, doing sports or your work is physically challenging, then you need at least 50ml of water per kilo of your body weight.

And if you decide to detox your body, then the needed amount of water would be 70ml per kilo of your body weight, so that your body would be able to eliminate all the toxins from your body with the help of additional water.

So, 30 ml is an absolute MINIMUM, 50 ml is OPTIMAL amount of water for days when you are more active and 70ml is needed for DETOX purposes. Easy, right?

So now, that you know your required amount of water, start increasing water intake gradually, one cup at a time, and thus day by day slowly reach your optimal amount of water. And when you start drinking enough water on a regular basis, these previously mentioned skin problems will just disappear, cause you will address and solve the real reason behind them.

Now, let’s discuss WHEN it’s best to drink water:

It’s actually very easy to drink larger amount of water in the morning on a simple reason: during night time, when we don’t drink for 6 to 10 hours, our body takes water for its inner processes from our blood and lymph! So when you wake up, your body is most dehydrated! So, after you get up from bed, go to the toilet, it’s really important to restore this LOST AMOUNT OF WATER IN YOUR BODY. And desired amount of water to be taken after wake up is at least 600ml, more or less same amount that goes out of your body during visiting toilet after sleep)).

I drink 2 big cups of water first thing in the morning, which is about 700ml. And I can tell you warm water goes really easily in the morning, when your body needs it the most!

Also, water goes really well after physical activities, and the rest of the required amount of water can be easily taken during the rest of the day, preferably in-between meals.

Want to bring your attention once again, that drinking WARM WATER is really important! Why warm water?

The answer is simple — our body temperature is 36.6 degrees Celcius, so if we drink colder water, body needs to warm it up first, before it can put it into work and circulation. So, by drinking warm water we give extra support to our body, plus warm water also can stimulate many processes in the digestive system. And, during colder winter time, warm water makes us feel warm, which is definitely an additional benefit.

I have a thermo-jar to keep water warm for longer. It really helps save time, so that I don’t have to boil water and wait for it to cool down to a proper drinkable temperature every time I want to drink. I put it on my work desk during the day, and at night I place it next to my bed, so I can have warm water any time I feel thirsty, or any time the jar gets onto in my eyesight.It also helps me count my water intake. It is a 2L jar, and my required daily amount of water is about 2.7 liters. So I know that I need to drink at least one full jar, and almost half more every single day)).

Sometimes I add some fruit, veggies or herbs to make water more pleasant to the taste. But overall, drinking warm water in sufficient amount is just the best habit you can introduce into your life!

That’s it for now, let me know in the comments, what’s your minimal and optimal amount of water, and how much of it you drink during the day. Or write your questions, if you have some.


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