I am happy to welcome you to my World of Beauty, Makeup and Glow, both outer and inner

For 18 years I have been working as a makeup artist and teaching women everything I know about Makeup and Beauty. What I would like to share in this blog is beyond just doing makeups, hair-styles or polishing eyebrows.

I would like to approach Beauty at a larger perspective, bring your attention to the deeper processes, happening inside our bodies, that also affect our appearance. As you might know, True Beauty comes from within!

Knowledge is power, but it is useless until put into practice or shared. So, Glow Makeup com blog is my way to share the knowledge that will help you not only LOOK beautiful, healthy and radiant, but also FEEL the same way every single day.

So, let’s dive deeper and learn how to take care of our INNER Beauty. There is so much exciting to learn and to implement in our everyday life!

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