In this post and video you will find out about such skin conditions as hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles — what skin is telling us this way, and what are effective solutions for getting rid of these problems and restoring skin’s health.

Detailed video plan:

00:39 — hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles explained
02:15 — first step in eliminating these skin problems / understanding what’s the stte of your body by taking and extended blood test, parameters explanations
08:22 — second step in eliminating skin problems / how to detox your body
11:06 — third step in eliminating skin problems / proper way to taking vitamins and minerals supplements
11:52 — 7 most efficient ways of keeping skin youthful-looking for longer

Healthy skin / adding supplements

I am not going to go into details what beauty industry has to offer when it comes solving skin hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles. Again, the logic lies in affecting the skin from the outside, but in fact the majority of products or treatments is not just a waste of money, but also additional harm to the skin and the body.

Appearance of both wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation is actually directly linked to problems with liver — our largest internal organ, which is responsible for detoxification processes and collagen production. Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and acne also indicate liver problems. When liver is overloaded with work, it again puts skin and its ‘beauty’ issues to the end of its list, and most likely never really gets to solving them.

In fact, every day liver neutralizes the consequences of our poor choices, so we can support it with these easy steps:
— by making appropriate LIFESTYLE CHANGES — drinking enough water, making adjustments in out nutrition and moving more (I talked about these topics in more detail in the last 2 videos),
— we can unload the liver a little by practicing intermittent fasting;
— and adding various supplements to our diet, this is what this post and video is about.

BEFORE I START, I want you to understand that we are all different, therefore there is NO one-fit-all recommendation. In this post, I will give universal suggestions that can help in the process of healing the body, but it is important to adjust everything you hear to your personal needs or consult with a specialist in case you have any serious health issues.


FIRST, WE NEED UNDERSTANDING what state the body is in and what exactly it is lacking. To do this, you can take an extended blood test, which includes:

  • Insulin
  • Antibodies to thyroid glan
  • TSH / Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • T3, T4
  • Ferritin
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • B9, B12
  • Homocysteine
  • Vitamin D
  • SHBG / Sex hormone-binding globulin
  • Glicted hemoglobin
  • Total protein
  • Cholesterol by fractions
  • General blood test — hemoglobin, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, ESR, eosinophils values

I will explain a few important parameters, what they can say about your body state:

vitamin D

a low value of this parameter often leads to the weakening of the immune system, and, therefore, the activation of harmful organisms in the body. The value of vitamin D should be at least 100, preferably closer to 140! And if your figure is much lower, then you should definitely start taking vitamin D3 supplements in combination with vitamin K2! You can take 5,000 to 15,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily on an regular basis.

Plus, we also must not forget about or underestimate regular sunbathing, without the use of additional filters that block not only UVA-UVB radiation, but also interfere with the process of vitamin D synthesis, which begins in our skin under the influence of sun-rays.

— ferritin

by this indicator it is possible to determine iron deficiency much more effectively than by hemoglobin values. In general, the value of ferritin is an INDIVIDUAL figure, and should be not less than the figure of your weight (in kilos).

Optimal amount is calculated according to the formula: your weight (in kg) + 70.
If its indicator is lower then your weight, then you clearly have iron deficiency, or anemia, which is often a result of poor nutrition, a lack of animal proteins in the diet, leading to a lack of co-factors for iron absorption, or parasitosis.

— vitamins and trace elements

B-group vitamins, such as B6, B9, B12, minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc — all of them contribute to iron absorption and their indicators should be ideally in the upper third of the laboratory norm! Lover values of these minerals is a sign on anemia as well.

— iodine

this element is also a co-factor for iron absorption, and its indicator you can easily check yourself at home. Drawn a net with iodine tincture on the inner part of your wrist, and see how quickly it disappears. If it is completely gone in a few hours, there is no trace of it left on your skin, then there is obviously not enough iodine in your body, but if the mark persists for a 24h or longer, then you are most likely all set with this element.

— eosinophils

If there is an iron or other important minerals and elements deficiency, do not rush to the pharmacy for buying supplements with various vitamins and minerals. It is also worth checking the indicator for EOSINOPHILS — if the value is more than 2, then this may indicate an increased parasitic load, meaning you might need to undergo a detox course, before you start taking vitamins and minerals supplements.

— bilirubin

and the last parameter I will note here is a test for BILIRUBIN, which will help you understand how your liver is doing. The normal indicator of total bilirubin is from 0.5 to 17 μmol / L. With higher bilirubin values you should seriously think about your liver condition and consult a doctor.

Of course, to read your blood test and draw competent conclusions about the state of your body, a basic understanding of the processes happening inside our body is needed. If you do not have such knowledge, then you definitely need to seek help from a specialist — either a doctor or a competent nutritionist with extensive knowledge in biochemistry. In general, healthcare workers are people who, like all of us, tend to make mistakes, so ideally it is always better to consult several specialists — as they say, don’t trust anyone blindly.

And most importantly, not a single doctor is responsible for the end-result and your health)), we are the ones responsible for our own health. Therefore, being far from medicine, I decided to understand the processes taking place in my body in order to make conscious choices about my health, so for past few years I haven’t blindly followed anyone’s advice, even those of doctors! And I can tell you that I look and feel much better than before. Because modern cosmetology and medicine are too often aimed at eliminating symptoms, but, as you can imagine, this leads nowhere. So my advice would be for everyone to start studying their bodies and taking full responsibility for its condition!

Further I will give the examples of some supplements, which I took myself for supporting my body and healing purposes (which can be taken either for some shorter periods of time, or some of them on a regular basis, and which do not require any prescriptions from the doctors).


often harmful yeast, like candida, forms a protective film on the inner surface of intestines, which makes it resilient to the majority of antibiotics. But such supplements as caprillic or undecylenic acids, for example, help break that protective film and thus speed up the process of cleansing from those harmful organisms.

for combating candida there are number of complex supplements, such as Stop Candida, Candidase, Anti-Candida. I will add here, that these supplements work only in combination with a strict diet, and you can take them for 30 days, then take a break for a month, and repeat up to 3 times!

You can also add such natural remedies, like: berberine, black walnut, pau d’arco, grapefruit seed extract, clove oil, oregano oil, plus all bitter herbs — these all are both candida and some types of parasites’ nightmare.

for stronger types of parasites, there are common oral medications, containing mebendazol drug, which you can get in any pharmacy. All pharmaceuticals should be taken strictly according to the instructions provided in the package!

From my personal experience I can say that changing eating habits, plus combining conventional pharmaceutical treatments with natural remedies is the most efficient way to achieve fast and lasting results when it comes to cleansing your body.

and of course there are supplements that support liver in its everyday hard work of removing all the toxins from the body. There are herbal supplements like Liver Care and Liver Detox with chicory, yarrow and turmeric, also milk thistle, artichoke, and sunflower lecithin — all of these can be taken on a regular basis, especially if you have a problem of skin hyper-pigmentation or wrinkles.


And only after you cleanse your body of harmful organisms, and unload your liver a little, which can take from 3 to 6 months, only then does it make sense to start restoring the level of essential vitamins and minerals. Again, you always need to be guided by your personal blood test results, by which it will be clear which vitamins and elements are lacking at the moment. And by the way, in the process of cleansing for these 3 to 6 months, the level of some vitamins and minerals can start to go up without supplements intake, simply because no one else will use them, apart from your cells and inner organs)).


To conclude the topic, here are most efficient ways of keeping our skin healthy, and in restoring your hair quality:
1. hydration from within, meaning drinking enough water for your body weight and level of activity (my first video is dedicated to that topic)
2. balanced diet and
3. movement (this is what my second video is about)
4. adding supplements intke of course — which should be done with the help of doctors or specialists in nutrition. And then every 6 months you should retake your blood test to understand the effectiveness of the steps and measures taken, and, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments.
5. getting at least six hours of sleep every night in complete darkness to help your body restore and produce such vital hormone as melatonin, which is responsible for slowing down the ageing process and helping body to cope with stress.
6. of course quitting smoking, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake will also have a beneficial effect on the health of the skin and body in general.
7. as for topical treatments for maintaining skins youthful appearance or supporting the hair growth, I will make separate videos or posts in Instagram on that topic.

That is it for now. Write me in the comments, how useful was the post / video, what are your ways of keeping your skin youthful-looking, or if you have any questions, I will be able to answer them in the comments below too.

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