In this video you will find about such skin conditions as inflammation, which occurs on our skin in the form of pimples or acne, various irritations and allergic reactions, dark circles around eyes, and also appearance of small red spots that resemble birthmarks — what skin is telling us this way, and what are effective solutions for getting rid of these problems and restoring skin’s health.

Detailed video plan:

01:38 — skin inflammation, allergies and dark circles around eyes explained
03:00 — what is causing problems with skin
06:26 — balanced nutrition principles
08:06 — importance of drinking warm water in sufficient amount, the topic of skin’s hydration is described in more detail in the previous post

Skin nutrition

I’ll start again with solutions that our progressive cosmetic and healthcare industries offer us when it comes to treating allergies or acne. Various harsh surface-drying cleansing products and acids to decrease surface oil, hormonal creams or hormonal pills. That’s basically it.

What’s wrong with these suggestions?

Well, I would say everything. Cleansing skin with harsh surface-drying products, containing alcohol, or antibacterial substances on a regular basis ruins its protective layer, making it more vulnerable to outside irritants. Hormonal creams or pills disrupt endocrine system and load detoxification system with additional work, as if it doesn’t have enough to do anyway. And last but not least, the effect of these measures is either temporary, or non-existent, cause they don’t address the real because of the problem.

So, what’s causing skin inflammation, allergies and dark circles around eyes?

There might be several reasons behind that, like digestive tract malfunctions, hormonal imbalance, parasitosis and following disruptions in the detoxification system. Red spots on the skin are a sign of cells’ insulin resistance, dark circles also can be a sign of gallbladder dysfunction and stagnation of bile. However, all of these body malfunctions start with just one thing — malnutrition.

What are the effective solutions to eliminate these skin problems?

Since these problems starts with unbalanced diet, then solving them should start with changing eating habits, thus supporting and healing the gut and the liver, the two organs that suffer the most from our poor choices. This is why in this video I want to bring your attention to the important concepts of nutrition, which will not only have a beneficial effect on skin’s condition, but on the condition of the body as a whole.

Let’s start with main villains — sugar, yeast, white rice, potatoes, dairy and pastry products. All of them are the most favourite food for parasites, and if the majority of your diet consists of these product categories, then no surprise your intestines become a great place for various types of parasites to live and reproduce. And when body’s detox system doesn’t cope with this increased workload, the lymph becomes polluted with parasites by-products, transporting all the waste from their activity up to our face.

In addition to loading body with toxic by-products, parasites also get all the vital nutrients that are needed so much for our cells and body to function properly. That’s why parasitosis is often closely linked to such conditions as anemia, or iron, vitamin B6, B12, iodine deficiency, which in its turn leads to the appearance of dark circles around eyes, as well as hair weakening and hair-loss. Cause hair, similar to skin, is such a part of our body that is not that important for our body’s survival, therefore when body is lacking vital nutrients for more important inner organs, it will stop supplying hair and skin with needed nutrients in the first place.

So, to start healing skin from inflammations and allergies, it is crucial to minimize products intake which contain sugar, yeast, dairy, gluten and starch. Actually it would be great to eliminate these products from your diet for at least 2 to 3 months. Only this simple step can give dramatic results in how your skin looks.

I can already foresee the questions and counter arguments of those who love all of these previously mentioned products — but what about those little pleasures of life))? Let’s all for starter agree to stop calling eating nasty or clearly unhealthy food a pleasure of life. There is a large number of much more useful and been beneficial activities)).

It’s just a matter of CHOICE, really! When you put your skin’s health, beautiful thick hair and overall health on one side of a scale, and sugar, pastry, sweet yoghurts and other food waste on another side of scale — which of these sides will outweigh? For me the answer is obvious — my body and my health will be of higher priority. And what’s more important for you?

Even if there is some kind of sugar addiction possibility, there are supplements that can help you with your craving for sweets, like BERBERIN, for example. But I would like to add here staright away, that supplements work ONLY in combination with balanced nutrition, therefore let’s return to the main topic of this video and finalise the topic of nutrition.

What we all can do is:
1. eliminate sugar and dairy products from our diet;
2. replace fast carbs like pasta, rice, potatoes, breads with healthier alternatives like veggies, buckwheat, and quinoa;
3. add plant-based healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, peanuts, seeds. It is best to soak the latter 2 before use, in order to first cleanse them, and secondly, to deactivate phytic acid that nuts and seeds have, which can interfere with the absorption of zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium, for example. When soaking nuts and seeds, a special enzyme is activated which breaks down this phytic acid);
4. and of course consume enough proteins (both organic and animal origin — like various peas, lentils, eggs, fish, meat — the choice of products is really large here)
5. and instead of snacking non-stop, which keeps our pancreas at a constant stress, leading to dis-balance in our hormones, start eating 2 to 3 times per day with at least 4 to 5 hours gaps in between meals, to give your digestive system enough time to restore and bring insulin amount in your blood to its proper level. We need to eat only when we are really hungry!
6. besides proper nutrition you definitely need a sufficient amount of water for the health of the skin and the body. Re-activate the processes of bile outflow, you need to drink warm, or even hot water in proper amounts on a regular basis. Previous blog post is fully devoted to the topic of hydration.
7. Well, and at last, I want to add that it is movement that supports and stimulates the work of lymph, which is a very important part in the process of cleansing body of all types of toxins, including by-products of parasites activity. And it is movement that we should perceive as the pleasure of life — be it walking or jogging in nature, dancing, power exercises, yoga, cycling or something else — I am sure each of us can find the best type of movement to enjoy.

As you understand, really effective ways to maintain healthy skin, hair, and body are quite simple. You only have to follow these steps. And doing this will be much easier when you put yourself and your health first. Then it will be easier for you to follow the decisions you take with consistency.

In conclusion, I will add that,
— if you suffer from more serious skin problems such as acne,
— or if the body has been in a state of deep resource deficiency for a long time, and, accordingly, your body is depleted, which can be indicated by weakened and falling hair or dark circles around eyes,
— plus some types of parasites will fight for their existence,
then, in addition to changing your eating habits, you may need external support in the form of pharmaceuticals or various food supplements, which help to strengthen the immune system, cleanse and detox the body, and restore the required level of vitamins and minerals.

As this topic is very large, I will devote a separate post and video to it.

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